Assignment 2: Developing A Public Relations Plan, Part 2

Assignment 2: Developing A Public Relations Plan, Part 2

This paper will be a revised and expanded version of the first paper. Based on your instructor’s feedback, you will first revise the first paper. Write 5-6 new pages in which you:

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  1. Describe the mix of media you would use to implement your public relations campaign and explain in detail your objectives for each media form.
  2. Explain in detail how you can take advantage of community relations to generate positive publicity for your organization.
  3. Describe the government relations tactics you would use as part of your public relations campaign, and explain in detail how these tactics will help you achieve your objectives.
  4. Draft a news release that you will use in your public relations campaign.
  5. Explain in detail how the content, style, and essentials of your news release will help you persuade the public to your point of view.

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The unity care organization

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A non-profit making organization is an organization that is formed with the aim of benefiting the immediate society around then and also the public at large and not to make the owners gain profits. The owners of the organization always spend a lot of their income on sustaining all the operations of the organization without the aim of getting the contribution back later. Unity care organization is a non-profit making organization located in the southern parts of the United States of America. The organization is based under the Christian faith in 2003 and has been in operation since then to date (Hallahan, 2018)

The main mission of the organization is to sustain the lives of the less fortunate in the society, provide home for the orphans and the elderly in the society, create a positive impact to the society and the world at large and also teach the people Christian principles and the word of God. The organization had different purposes. Its purposes were to build homes for the elderly persons in the society, start children homes for the orphans and the street children in the society. It also had the purpose of providing food and clothing for the less fortunate in the society as well as offering guidance and counselling to the people in the society who were depressed and faced different emotional torture (Hallahan, 2018)

In 2016, the organization experienced a negative publicity which made the society at large as well as the government have a completely different view on the organization. This happened after news went viral concerning the passing away of one elderly people in the homes built for the elderly. The rumors were that some of the workers of the organization had organized the killing of the person after he showed no cooperation in the activities of the organization. Also rumors stated that the organization had been previously involved in a series of human slaughter and also the sale of different organs of the human bodies to different hospitals in order to generate income for it to run these activities (Hallahan, 2018)

These rumors publicized the organization negatively as different information went viral concerning the organization that were not true. The public had been poisoned to the mind to believe that some of the workers in the organization who collaborated in the killing of the person had poisoned his food that led to his death. They also claimed that the organization had left the poisoned person to struggle to death without taking any actions or even trying to give the person any medical assistance that would have helped him recover from the poisoning. This made the public have a completely have a negative picture of the organization from what they heard even from the different media houses (Hallahan, 2018)

The fact concerning the death of the person was that, the old man had shown signs of illness several weeks before he passed away. The management of the organization had preparations for him to be taken to hospital underway and immediately the old man was take to the hospital where he was diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes. The doctors prescribed different medications to him after which the organization clearer his hospital bill and took him back to his house where he received treatment from the doctors employed by the organization (Hallahan, 2018)

Few days later, his conditions worsened during the night after taking his supper. There were no any means if transport near to facilitate his quick movement to the hospital and therefore, an ambulance had to be called to come and ouch him. The ambulance took around 30 minutes and upon arrival, the old man was pronounced dead. This was the fact behind the passing away of the person but a completely negative information went viral to the community which ended the organization to end up with a negative publicity concerning the activities that it was involved in (Hallahan, 2018)


In my campaign toward transforming the negative publicity concerning the organization, there are two main goals that I have created that will highly help on the same. One of the goals is to reach out to the community and the society who had received the deceiving information concerning the organization. This can be done through calling of a general communal meeting or visiting different groups of people in their different activities and explaining to them the truth that is behind the passing away the person and also tell the. That the information that had gone viral was not true (Dai, 2017).

The other goal is getting to the different media houses which were involved the spreading of the wrong information, may it be trough broadcasting, publication on the newspapers, posting the information in their social media platforms among other ways, then telling them the truth concerning the death of the old man giving evidence that the man was not neglected and me was he poisoned trough the food that he ate. This will consequently make the media houses to broadcast the right information and hence help in the rebuilding of the picture of the organization. I decided to choose these two goals because the negative publicity concerning the organization passed through these two groups and they were the only ones who could help rebuild the original good picture that the organization had and help in stop the viral spreading of the wrong information about the organization (Dai, 2017).

There are different steps to take in order to achieve the two goals. The steps to achieve the goal of getting to the people in the society is first to organize a public gathering band call every person who might have heard of the false information and even those who did not get the information. The next step is explaining to the people why the information that went viral was wrong and explaining to them the true information behind the passing away of the man. This will help to achieve the goal and stop the spreading of the deceitful information concerning the organization (Dai, 2017).

There are also several steps to be taken in order achieve the goal of reaching the different media houses. The first step is through getting a list of all the media houses that either broadcasted or even publication the false information. The next step is airing the correct information that surrounds the death of the old man. The next step is telling the media houses to announce to the public that the information that it had previously aired concerning the Unity Care Organization was wrong and that they were sorry for the same. This will highly help in the rebuilding of the original good picture of the organization (Dai, 2017).

After all the goals are achieved and that the spreading of the deceitful information concerning the organization had stopped, an evaluation plan has to ne made. The evaluation plan will be in the form of a questionnaire where there will be evaluation questions that will need to be answered by the respondents. Some of these questions will include, following the previous spreading of the wrong information on the organization and the organization later coming out to give the true information, do you feel that the negative picture of the organization that was painted has ended? (Dai, 2017).

With the administering of the questionnaires to different respondents, their replies concerning the different question asked in the questionnaire will facilitate the assessment of the outcome of the campaign to try to rectify the negative publicity of the organization. The way the respondents will react to the different questions will also help in assessment of the areas where the campaign did not reach well also assess on the better alternative to conduct such a campaign as well as the bright channel through which the information concerning the organization should be through for verification before it is passed to the public (Dai, 2017).




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