Assignment 1 Marketing Management

Assignment 1 Marketing Management

Marketing management course, business college. use the 6 power point slides to help you understand the course material and find the attached word document to know the assignment outline, guideline  and marking schema. 

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Table of Contents Introduction 3 Literature review 3 Product description and offering 4 Market Analysis 4 Micro and macro environments 4 Customer analysis/ segments/ target markets 5 Competitor analysis 5 Objectives of business /company/positioning strategy/marketing strategy 5 Marketing outline 6 References 7













The focus of this report is to accord a comprehensive analysis of the opportunity structure in Oman and throughout its surroundings for charlotte, and Calisson, French dessert snacks. a charlotte, also known as icebox cake is a type of French trifle that can be served cold or hot. On the other hand, Calissons are classical French dessert candy incorporating smooth, pale yellow, a uniform paste of candied fruits, and ground almonds surfaced with a small layer of royal icing (Medrich, 2017). Undeniably, Oman exhibits a competitive environment where the consumers of snacks have got various brands to select. Therefore, organizations dealing in this array, struggle to retain old and entice new customers. As a consequence, this study concentrates on the economic feasibility of introducing the French dessert snacks into the Oman market. This entails a comprehensive evaluation of the Omani market aspects like demographic and geographical elements. As well as the anticipated operation, projections of profits, and examination of the expected ROI.

Literature review


Indeed, service business marketing approaches are techniques of using the market opportunity and niche; to introduce new products in the market which can satisfy the niche (McDaniel, & Gates, 2013). In other words, these approaches apply the marketing mix to satisfy and attract clients to make profits for the firm. Therefore, the marketer should identify what the customers want to purchase and how much they can pay for the product. Accordingly, modern-day marketing and market niche commence with the clients rather than production, sales, or technological improvement and continue with the client’s contentment as well as social happiness. That is to say that the consumer is the leading light.

Primarily, the Oman retail sector, though bestride through the non-store retail, has been encountering the emergence of retail restaurant chains. These organized and big restaurants provide a wide variety of snacks and fast-moving consumer products at enticing prices and pleasurable shopping experience. The central focus is to provide the customers with value, volume, and variety of snacks. Into the bargain, the service market incorporates more than the known four Ps of marketing, product, promotion, place, and price. The extra Ps include people, process, and physical evidence. Further, the service business marketing place entails expediency for shopping, storeroom interiors, and storeroom locale (Singh, 2012).

Product description and offering


Notably, the introduction of Charlotte and Calisson in the Oman market gravitates to a highly innovative and entrepreneurship notion. For instance, Calissons exhibit a feel similar to that of Marzipan, but with melon or orange flavor, making it acceptable and delightful among the youths in the population.

On the other hand, Charlotte uses bread, cookies, or sponge cakes to the line at the mold, which is then filled with the custard. Moreover, it can be made with layers of breadcrumbs (Medrich, 2017). These products will be presented in 5.3-oz plastic cups with four compartments, one holding an ice cream and the other three holding the three pieces of Charlotte or Caissons. Remarkably, the mixing of sweet and crunchy layers, as well as ice-creams, assist in shifting the product as well as expanding the customer base of these products in Oman.

Market Analysis

Micro and macro environments


Both micro and macro environments elements exhibit a significant impact on the success of the services business. Therefore, every major decision made while introducing these products in the Omani market necessitates considering the business environments. The microenvironment aspects that directly influence the business in Oman entails. Customers, that is, customer stability of demand and prospects of sales growth is fulfilled owing to the high population of the target market. Also, the supply of the raw materials and productions of these products is constant. However, there is little competition in the Omani market because of the protected geographical indications of these products.

On the other hand, the macro-environment that impacts the economy of Oman includes. First, the economic aspects like interest rates, exchange rates, recessions, inflation, and taxes are maintained in a favorable range. To support the growth of the snack business in Oman. Second, demographic forces like age variables, education level, cultural characteristics, country and region, lifestyle. As well as natural and physical forces like climate change and weather support the advancement of the service industry in Oman. Finally, political and social forces settle with the production of the french dessert snacks in the country. That is to say, the production of Charlotte and Calisson doesn’t produce any dangerous element to the Omani society.

Customer analysis/ segments/ target markets


Oman market entails customers with correlating needs; however, the market is not homogeneous. Therefore, the consumers of the Calissons and Charlotte are the elite youths as well as the working population. Typically, this segment of the Oman population needs packaged snacks, which can be taken as lunch boxes. This is the ground of presenting the snacks in plastic cups. Accordingly, the youth and the productive population segment in Oman, which are the target market for the Charlotte and Calissons, present 62.41% of the total population (Oman population 2019).

Competitor analysis


Principally, there are no direct competitors of this business in the Oman market, there are organizations in the market, selling different types of snacks that can be bought by the target market. Unfortunately, most of these organizations do not pack their products in closed cups but put the snacks in papers. They offer cheap price snacks with few or no crunchy layers or ice creams.

Objectives of business /company/positioning strategy/marketing strategy


Remarkably, this business exhibit numerous objectives such as Getting and Staying Profitable, ascertaining the Productivity of People and Resources, excellent client services, sustainable growth, as well as mission-aligned values. Undeniably, to attain the objectives as mentioned above, the organization’s business location should be convenient for shopping and attractive to the target customers and some of these locations are The Wave Muscat, Waterfall Qurum and Muscat city center Al Seeb which we highly consider. Into the bargain, the organization must apply different marketing strategies like social media advertisements and Facebook ads with retargeting (McDaniel, & Gates, 2013). Besides, Blogging, affiliate programs, and leverage influencers.

The marketing strategies mentioned should focus on the product offering strategies used by the company. Just but an example, the affiliate program, and Facebook ads need to include the picture of well-packaged snacks in cups as well as the mixing of crunchy layer and ice creams in the four-compartment containers.

Marketing mix outline


Briefly, a cup of Calissons combined with a cup charlotte will cost 7OMR. Accordingly, the product exhibit multiple new features like cup packaging, mixing of crunchy layer, and ice creams in the cup. As well as the controlled sugar ingredients and fruity flavor involved in the products. Direct cashier purchase and truck man distribution channels are feasible in the promotion of the product.













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