you will view a sports-related movie and write a brief review. there are 3 movie options that i will list here you can choose one of the movies to write about which are ( Happy Gilmore, Basketball Diaries, The Karate Kid) the context for these three movies is Mental Skills. Choose only one movie and write a review. While viewing the movie, identify sport psychology themes that are depicted in the movie (aggression, parental involvement, goal setting, teamwork, etc.) and then write a review of the movie.

Please ensure however that you clearly state and then discuss the movie in the context you choose it for which is mental skills.

The goal for you in this instance is to tell me some specific insights in the movie and how psychological principles helped or would have helped the athlete.

for the first paragraph of the paper you can start it with just writing a summary of the movie then for the second paragraph talk about the theme that are depicted in the movie and then go on.. with the review