1 page single space ( 550 words)

Due -10 hrs from now

See attached file for instructions

Hello, I’m going for my Masters and the class is Financial Management I. We are on week 5 and the name of assignment 1 is “Annual Report Analysis I have completed part A of the excel task, now I need help with the writing part, 1page single space (550 words). We use the Times New Roman font (12). Our papers have to first be submitted in Safe Assign for plagiarism. Hopefully you can help me to get a good grade without that being flagged. The website to go to is icampus.strayer.edu/. Once you get there press enter. My User ID is SU200081218. Password is Strayer3. The “S” in Strayer is case sensitive so you’ll have to make sure that is uppercase. From there, scroll down and you will see assignment 1. II completed part A, and I have attached excel in case you need to refer to it.

Do part B (1 single space page – 550 words)

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