Annonated Bibiliograph

Annonated Bibiliograph

Intercultural Analysis Annotated Bibliography (3 academic or referred resources (3 academic or referred resources, 3 public resources count as 1 academic resource


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Culture: Nintendo (Japanese multinational consumer electronics and video game company)

Question:  What contributes to Nintendo games’ wide appeal to players of different ages and nationality?     How does Nintendo communicate to its diverse players to improve their game experience? How does its marketing strategy and corporate culture change to adapt to different market?

4/30/2020 CMN6080.81386.202035… 1/1

Annotated Bibliography

Levels of Achievement

Criteria Novice Competent Pro�cient

Format 80.00 to 84.00 %

incomplete review or lacking proper APA citations

85.00 to 89.00 %

missing parts of the overview or proper APA citation

90.00 to 100.00 %

Provided both a summary and critique for sources, proper APA citation and referencing

Content 80.00 to 84.00 %

not connected to content, not demonstrating knowledge

85.00 to 89.00 %

good use of sources to demonstrate content understanding

90.00 to 100.00 %

incorporated critical thinking and direct connection to content

Sources 80.00 to 84.00 %

missing range of sources

85.00 to 89.00 %

employed minimal sources to validate content

90.00 to 100.00 %

strong range of scholarly sources and demonstrated understanding of triangulation for popular sources




Rubric Detail

Weight 40.00%

Weight 40.00%

Weight 20.00%

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