Create a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation of your Learning Team’s marketing plan for a new learning program.

· Summarize the learning team’s marketing plan. (Note: Your presentation should include 7-10 content slides. (A cover slide and any reference slides would be in addition to the 7-10 slide requirement.)

· Include speaker notes with additional content demonstrating how you would present each slide if you were presenting the PowerPoint to stakeholders.

· Focus your presentation on the highlights that would be most relevant to stakeholders of your marketing plan. Include information that would be most pertinent to leaders and decision-makers within the organization who would need to provide approval to move forward with the plan.

· Develop slides that are appropriate for a professional setting, and that would effectively support the presentation of your marketing plan to stakeholder and decision-makers within your chosen organization.

· Include speaker notes to expand on key concepts and demonstrate how you would present the content.

· Format any citations consistent with APA guidelines, and use appropriate grammar and mechanics throughout your presentation.

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