Select an advertisement that successfully gained your attention.

Analyze the effectiveness of the selected ads.

Create a 7-10 slide presentation that discusses the required topics below.

· Identify and describe the advertisement you selected. Explain why the advertisement caught your attention. (Be sure to provide an appropriate reference for the advertisement.) 

· Identify the target market. Support your reasoning.

· Describe the objective of the ad and how you can tell.

· Summarize the primary message of the ad and how that message is conveyed in the ad.

· Identify which of the SUCCESs elements the ad satisfies. Provide rationale to support your answer. (You can find the SUCCESs elements in Chapter 10 of this week’s assigned reading.)

· Develop slides that are appropriate for a professional or academic setting, that you would use to present your ideas to the class. Format any citations consistent with APA guidelines, and use appropriate grammar and mechanics throughout your presentation.

Include speaker notes with each slide to provide detail to support your presentation that represents what you would say if you were presenting this to the class.

Submit your assignment.

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