AET 552 Week 2 Marketing Plan Phase I

Complete Phase 1 of the Marketing Plan.

Create a new learning program for an existing or new organization. This product or service (new learning program) will be the basis for your marketing plan. Begin the marketing with a 1,400-1,750 word plan that include the background and contextual analysis.

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· Organization Name – Provide the organization name and a description of the organization.

· Organizational Product or Service (New Learning Program) – Describe the new learning program that is being introduced and for which this marketing plan is being developed.

· Historical Organizational Information – Summarize the history of the organization, providing context pertinent to the learning program to be marketed.

· Organizational Size – Discuss the size of the organization, including details about number or employees, customers/students, number of products/services, revenues, etc.

· Identify Stakeholders – Identify the key stakeholders for the learning program you are marketing, and describe why they are stakeholders.

· Stakeholder Needs – Describe the needs of the stakeholders you have identified, which should be considered in the learning program and the marketing plan.

· Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines, and grammar and mechanics consistent with graduate level writing.

Submit your assignment.