ACCT 402 Week 8 Final Exam New

1. (TCO 9) If the auditor decides to assess control risk at the maximum level in a private company audit, tests of controls are

2. (TCO 9) When auditors wish to evaluate a sample statistically, the only acceptable selection method is

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3. (TCO 9) One of the ways to eliminate non sampling risk is through

4. (TCO 9) A customer mails and records a check to a client for payment of an unpaid account on December 30. The client receives and records the amount on January 2. The records of the two organizations will be different on December 31. Which of the following applies?

5. (TCO 9) If the auditor decides not to confirm accounts receivable, the auditor should

6. (TCO 9) For most audits, inherent risk for accounts receivable is moderate or low except for which balance-related audit objectives?

7. (TCO 9) An auditor should perform alternative procedures to substantiate the existence of accounts receivable when

8. (TCO 9) Which of the following is not a term relevant to sampling for tests of details?

9. (TCO 9) The relationship between required sample size and the acceptable risk of incorrect acceptance is

10. (TCO 9) The acceptable risk of incorrect acceptance is most related to