Accounting Questions

Required information

The Excel worksheet form that is attached below is to be used to recreate part of the example relating to Turbo Crafters that appears earlier in the chapter.

Download the Applying Excel form and enter formulas in all cells that contain question marks.

For example, in cell B13 enter the formula “= B5”.

After entering formulas in all of the cells that contained question marks, verify that the dollar amounts match the example in the text.

Check your worksheet by changing the estimated total amount of the allocation base in the Data area to 50,000 machine-hours, keeping all of the other data the same as in the original example. If your worksheet is operating properly, the predetermined overhead rate should now be $6.00 per machine-hour.

If you do not get this answer, find the errors in your worksheet and correct them.

You will use the attached excel worksheet to answer the questions in Part 2.

There are 6 questions total to answer.

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