Accounting 320 & 732 Audit & Assurance Part 3 & 4

Pinnacle Project

Seeking someone that has advanced experience in Audit and Assurance (Accounting 320 &  732)

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Completion of the on-line Pinnacle Manufacturing Integrated Case Application audit components at end of selected chapters in the text including the following:

Part 3 & Part 4 due 03/01/2019

All components of Pinnacle Manufacturing Integrated Case Application must be typed (APA Format) using the online working papers using Word or Excel as appropriate. Application must be properly labeled as illustrated in the text or as in last year’s on-line working papers.  The preparer (student) needs to be identified on every working paper.

See attached labeled as the following

Part 3 Chapter 10 Pages 333 (see bottom 10-36) con’t on page 4 A-E

Part 4 Chapter 12 Page 405 (see bottom 12-37) con’t 406-407