Problem 2

  1. Go back to Week 1 – Application Assignment and find the value chain for Maryville University.
  2. Imagine Maryville University is considering adding a campus in Italy. Identify the Stakeholders Maryville University should consider in making the decision. What are the Critical Success Factors for Maryville University? How would you measure them? Identify all relevant costs Maryville University should consider. You do not need to identify dollar amounts, just the costs/type of cost.
  3. Write a memo to the Board of Trustees proposing to analyze such a decision. Include how you might go about obtaining the relevant cost information.

need in 6h

1. Draw the value chain for Maryville University. You may use Inspiration Maps on your iPad, Excel, PowerPoint or hand draw the value chain.







Human Resource Management



University Infrastructure






Academic Results



Skilled Professionals

Primary Support












Admission Services

Financial aid Services

Student life services

Alumni management



Marketing & Sales

Market Development & Brand Development


Outbound Logistics

Skilled students & Skilled Lecturers


Student Learning & Development of ski

Inbound Logistics

Students, Lecturers & Funds







Identify the stakeholders Maryville University should consider in decision making. (Note: stakeholders were discussed in Managerial Accounting and are discussed in the introductory lecture – if you are new to the topic, you may want to consult Chapter 18, page 702.)

The stakeholders in Maryville University Include the staff, faculty, students, alumni, trustees and community partners including the strategic steering committee.

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