Managerial Accounting –ACCT 507.

Midterm Examination

Instructions: Answer all the question in a typed, double spaced format consistent with the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Standards.

Note: Academic dishonesty will fowled as prescribed by the school and higher education standards guideline. 

Chapter 1 Page 23

1A–2 Perhaps your most important post-graduation objective is to get a job. Describe some

control activities that you would pursue to help achieve this objective.

Chapter 2. Page 51

2–a What are the three major elements of product costs in a manufacturing company?

2–b Define the following: (1) direct materials, (2) indirect materials, (3) direct labor,

(4) indirect labor, and (5) manufacturing overhead.

2–c Explain the difference between a product cost and a period cost.

2–d Distinguish between (1) a variable cost, (2) a fixed cost, and (3) a mixed cost.

2–e What effect does an increase in volume have on—

1. Unit fixed costs?

2. Unit variable costs?

3. Total fixed costs?

4. Total variable costs?


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