A Customer’s Perspective On The Influence Of Artificial Intelligence On Brand

A Customer’s Perspective On The Influence Of Artificial Intelligence On Brand

A customer’s perspective on the influence of Artificial Intelligence on brand

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For more than recent half a century, artificial intelligence (AI) has made remarkable achievements in many fields , include science, medicine, education and so on. However ,in recent years ,the studies on marketing and management also attract attention. It is believed that AI technology can be applied on business management, and would play a significant role. Cognitive mechanisms of AI ,predict data and abilities of machines have contributed to development of the technology. Besides dealing with texts ,text and sounds, AI also could help in analysing data. AI has been considered as an important ally of marketing, which could reach though collecting, analysing and calculating data from consumers in big data system. Consumers information could benefit marketing by collecting and analysing consume behaviours.(Jarek K, Mazurek G, 2019) Although artificial intelligence has verified could benefit companies by giving consumers service responses, companies could also get advantages from it. It could benefit firms that they could apply the technology to realistic measures. A lot of studies has proven that AI could help marketing process, for example, to know online word-of-mouth (WOM). To make real advantages of AI technology, managers should know how to carry out a AI program. (Gijs Overgoor, and et.al,2019)


Researches have proven that business activities boost by knowledge, not industrial any more. Knowledge can be considered as various of information and data, which has become main resource of finance and visible material. Further more, information could help in understanding needs of consumers and keeping long-term relationships with them. Therefore, a knowledge and information system would facilitate marketing. (Paschen, J.and et.al, 2019) Finance technology could be considered as a key factor of banking industry to carry out service. Compare to human consulting service, intelligence service could decrease fees and offer a 24/7 finance service. It is hoped that customers would enjoy a more extensive service from robs-advisors. Nowadays, more and more financing institutions start to activate autonomous service as a method of compete tool. In fact, intelligence service is running more than $880,000m with a 30 percent annual increaseFinally, artificial intelligence could increase awareness to brands which gain competitive capacities. It is believed that the technology could benefit companies in both short and medium term. However, realistic evidence is still required to direct customers and companies.

(Daniel Belanche, and et.al,2019)





The study is hoped to seek possibilities which artificial intelligence could benefit brands. From customers` attitude view, this study might help brands to understand market demand.


3. Literature review


3.1 Artificial Intelligence review


Nowadays, technology is influenced by AI, which include in digital assistants, chatbots, and machine learning. 3 methods could make effects to AI. The first way is assistant intelligence, which help individuals` and organisations` methods they already taken. Secondly, increased intelligence permits them to make their wishes come true. Autonomous intelligence aims at a long-term development, which invents self-action machines. AI technology is believed that could release simple task, and allows human to execute high-level thinking, innovate and decision-making. People could consider how to apply the technology to the World in the future.(Vinchhi DEVANG,and et.al,2019)


Recently, companies have realised they mainly facilitate from intangibles, for example, new technology can de seen as key tool for both information and competition to any industries. With new technology, companies could have opportunities to communicate and cooperate. Firms could benefit from new technology with interacting with consumers and boost their goods and services. From this way, companies gain their reputation, image. All of these advantages make new technology as a main factory to competition in organisations.(Yan Xin, Janice, and et.al, 2014)


AI factory is a main element of companies` decision. People believe that it is a decision-making science. Data could be analysed and calculated, and helped in forecast, in-depth knowledge and decision, which could direct decision process. AI could develop a dramatic increase to digital and not even complicate. Companies just apply a digital system to replace human resource. From examples, it could help with managing businesses, and directing to deliver or handle simple goods and serves. Although AI technology is still in the process, many companies start to make changes and realise importance of data.(Marco ,Iansiti.,Karim R Lakhani , 2020)



3.2 Brand theory


3.2.1 Unique selling points


The unique selling points of products or services is a main differentiation from others on the market. The point could be considered as a strong competitive edge which would allow customers to recognise products or services from the market. This could be regarded that it is a main benefit of quality, capacity and feature. For products and service which are existing, a unique brand identity is needed in thought of the customers, which the products and services they are enjoying is superior to the competitors. (Hidayat Asep Tarman, and et.al,2019)


3.2.2 Positioning strategy

Brand positioning could be regarded as a measure that could help companies to own a obvious and apparent place in the mind of target market and consumers. Positioning could help companies to spread values to customers, which is related to main abilities . It is believed that positioning strategies play a important role in corporate performance.(Swati Panda, and et.al, 2019)


3.2.3 Brand equity


Brand equity is a representative to perceived value of a brand. Many ways could measure a brand, which considered as firm level, product level and consumer level. The study shows that many points could help to estimate customers` awareness to the brand, which could be dynamic, innovative, distinctive, unique, and different.(Mark Heitmann,and et.al,2020)


3.3 Possibilities of artificial intelligence


It is obvious that AI could not provide a perfect, continuous and consumer-friendly recently. Chances are still offered to develop a real humanised touch and communication, transforming from simple responds to emotional services. Many methods could help to have positive effect, which are consumption process, include in searching to consuming, tracking and services after sale. Also AI offers opportunities for the organisations to collect and analyse data, understanding customers demand. In some ways, it is a expected way to simplify manage process and cut costs.(Pophal, Lin,2019)AI could help companies with improve consumer-service procedure. It also could increase elasticity and scale. With the help of it, marketers would make a better and humanised services and goods. When employees work with intelligence equipments, they will realise huge improvement could made with adjusting function and response. In other way, the technology is considered as measure to improve cognitive think and creativity, release from simple and repeated tasks, enhance body abilities.(Madan M, Batra.,2019)






5.Method choice


Interview will be chosen as a main method to this study. It could provide opened ,emotional and direct response to the study. Qualitative interviews needs to record given words and languages, and also require exact information provided. During the interview, respondents are allowed and encouraged to enlarge their opinion, give explain and examples, propose doubts and even exceed required respond. Information could be never tangent. Interviewer can observe any actions and indication, which could help to avoid any negative impact that could happen. (Julie,Zahle.,2019)









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