40 Questions In Organizational Behavior & Leadership

40 Questions In Organizational Behavior & Leadership

I have 40 questions from two books in the subjects “Organizational behavior and Leadership”, that need to be answered.

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Please note:

1- Both books are attached

2- Both questions from each book are attached

2- The answers has to be from the books

3- Please paraphrase the answers because plagiarization will be checked and it will be submitted via Turnitin.


Daft Text Insights Notes


From your Daft Text Book (Leadership Experience), Please, Comment, Analyze, React & Answer All the following questions

Your answers for each question should not exceeds half to full typed page.

Ch 4:


1. What is the importance of the whole brain concept? 1. What is the importance of the whole brain concept?


2. What guidelines can leaders use to work more effectively with different personality types?


Ch 5:

3. Describe systems thinking. What is its importance in leadership?

4. What are the characteristics of an organization driven by fear?


Ch 7

5. Describe critical thinking and uncritical thinking according to Kelley’s theory of followership.

6. Why is it important for a follower to view the leader realistically?


Ch 9

7. Briefly describe a strategic conversation.

8. Provide a contrast between dialogue and discussion.


Ch 10

9. What are the challenges faced by leaders of global teams?

10. Describe the characteristics of a virtual team.