I need to be on time onnnn time pleas in Sunday Oct 6 at 12 noon  

Please write a four-page report (minimum 1 page per question)

I need to be on time onnnn time pleas in Sunday Oct 6 at 12 noon

noon Review book-HW 

Book name:

Evaluation Practice for Collaborative Growth

A Guide to Program Evaluation with Stakeholders and Communities


Lori L. Bakken


Please write a four-page report (minimum 1 page per question)


(1) Summarize & reviewed major points – 1

and then reflect upon:

(2) how its content relates to your experience 1 page

Here is my Experience forensic accounting professionals / providing forensic accounting services expert witnesses to Court?

(3) does the content make sense1 page (4)- (and why)? 1 page

The content of this Book makes a lot of sense because it is relatable and easy to follow through.

Because conducting, and reporting an evaluation relates to providing forensic accounting services as expert witnesses






My notes I got from the Books you can use them: or you can make your review

This book takes you through a four- part process of preparing for, designing, conducting, and reporting an evaluation

This book will not cover the evaluation field in any depth (other textbooks do that very well), it will provide you with an overview of program evaluation, so you can incorporate some evaluation practices in your programming efforts and build your personal capacity to work with professional evaluators


Reporting the evaluation’s findings marks the final step in an evaluation process.

This is a great time to get stakeholders more heavily involved.

They are essential for interpreting data and presenting it in a form that will be readily understood and used.

when a written report is prepared, be sure to include an executive summary that highlights the evaluation questions and the answers gleaned from the evaluation

The reporting step is also a time when conflicts may arise between you and the program’s stakeholders who may have been surprised by an unanticipated negative finding and wish to withhold the information from written or oral reports.

When this happens, it is important that you remind stakeholders about the standards for evaluation and the importance of integrity.


The utility standards stress the importance of an evaluator’s credibility and skills to involve stakeholders throughout the evaluation process.

The feasibility standards stress the importance of assuring that necessary resources are available to conduct an evaluation in a timely manner.

The propriety standards speak to the importance of inclusive participation, formal agreements and respect for human rights.

The accuracy standards emphasize the need and importance for valid and dependable information

Finally, the accountability standards are intended to assure the overall quality of an evaluation through precise and detailed documentation

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